Imagination Playground XL

These modular, rectilinear parts are easy to stack, line up and move around. Children enjoy an endless variety of play patterns including construction, pretend play, role-playing and inventing their own games. Most importantly, they are deeply engaged, active and have hours of fun!

This set of Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks consists of 15 different shapes, and are similar to the sets you've seen at local museums and indoor play spaces. Treat your child's imagination to some big blue fun!

Ages: 2 and up

Number of parts: 105 in 15 different shapes

Max headcount per set: 20-25 children 

Min space requirement: ~225 square feet (size of 2 parking spaces) 

This set is perfectly sized for indoor or outdoor spaces such as classrooms, private homes, or day care centers. Manufactured in the United States out of waterproof foam, the blocks are resistant to mold, mildew, corrosion, and microorganisms.

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