Precise Timing

Purchase this option for your designated 15 minute arrival period (instead of our usual 2 hour free delivery window).  Kindly note that additional time is required for set up / take down.  For example, a water slide requires 45-60 minutes to set up (sadly, we can't make it happen in 2 minutes!), but we will arrive within 15 minutes of your designated time.  Our event team will reach out after your booking to understand your requirements and provide you with info needed.  Adjust the quantity to TWO, if you want precise timing for both set up AND pick up.

We prefer you 
do not choose this option because of how unpredictable traffic is in the Bay Area, even on weekends. However, we understand there are occasions where you need more predictability--and we will block out a much larger window to service you, instead of risking traffic conditions.

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