Event Set Up Questionnaires (and the "WHYS" for inquisitive minds)

Momma Giraffe taught us that preparation is key to a smooth and safe experience.  These are the pre-event questions we will confirm with you as soon as you place your order.  The sooner you get back to us, the easier it is for us to prioritize your requests.


  • In case you want to delegate
  • Day-of contact 
  • We will text this person by 7pm the day before to confirm the timing
    • When do you want the equipment to be fully set up and functional for your guests?  RENTAL START TIME is the beginning of that period.
    • Up to 5 hours is included for standard rental.  You can add extra time here (reference your order # for us to tie it together)
    • If you want some "buffer" time before or after the event, include it here, it will be counted toward your rental time.
      • We typically arrive within 2 hour windows before your rental start time to set up and after (pick up) your event time. We need you there for the duration of the set up (for unexpected issues). For the pick up, you could leave within 5 minutes of our arrival. 
      • Most events require about 30-45 minutes to set up and again for pack up, all included within the 2 hour windows.
      • e.g. if your event time is noon to 4pm, we would be there from 10am to noon to set up, and from 4-6pm to pick up.
      • More precise timing is available as an option (i.e. for those who might not want to wait for up to 2 hours after the event).
      • Let us know if you have other preferences; we will do our best to accommodate you, the sooner you return the set up info the more likely we could help (e.g. "a later pick up between 4-8pm is appreciated by the kids"). 
      • Changes are typically very difficult the day of, as we are generally booked solid for 10+ events a day and have a highly scheduled plan.


      • If you are at a designated area within a park or event center (e.g., Park Site #3 or Madrone Picnic Area), and if there is a preferred parking area for unloading.


        • Getting from parking to the set up area - this one is very important as the jumpers are the size of a fridge and twice the weight (200-600 lb) each.  We want to keep our hard working giraffes safe and healthy!
        • Width - we need about 5 feet of clearance for the dolly and jumper (the size of about two strollers being pushed side by side).  We will always be careful, but cannot be responsible for any damage to your landscaping or other property if the path is narrower than 5 feet.
        • Distance - a regular 60 second stroll is typical and standard (let us know otherwise, so that we can budget time properly).
        • Surfaces - hard surfaces (concrete, pavement, etc) is expected.
        • Let us know if the access path involves any of these: sand, grass, gravel, steps, etc. (so that we can budget time properly; think moving a fridge across the beach... )  :)
          • Each jumper requires one electric air blower to keep the pressure at optimal level the whole time.  The outlet needs to be within 25 - 40 feet of the jumper location.
          • The electricity requirement is about 60-80% capacity of an average household circuit - 9 to 12 amps needed from the 15 amps circuit, for you science heads. :)
          • For safety reasons, we ask you to dedicate the outlet to the jumper - do not plug other electronics to the same circuit while the jumper is in use.
          • Generators are available if you need additional power.  Unfortunately, we cannot bring "back up" generators just in case you need one, as we are often booked up from 14 days in advance.


            • Let us know in advance if there is anything else you need us to help with the day of (moving garden furniture, feeding your lions, etc.). We will do our best to accommodate to ensure a timely arrival for our other customers, and the time will be billed at increments of 15 minutes at $60/hr prior to the event.
            • For operational effectiveness reasons, we do not accept special requests as part of the standard delivery, but are happy to accommodate as much as we are able to--these are all billed at the same rate.  (e.g., bring an extra tarp, refill the generator with additional gas midway through event, etc.).