Adopt Your Own Jumpin' Giraffe!
(Buy a jumper from us to enjoy all summer long)

Jumpin' Giraffe is moving its warehouse location, and we are taking the opportunity to slim down our inventory to make room for newer designs and other games.  This is the perfect timing to adopt a Giraffe, uh... buy a jumper from us, so that you can enjoy it all summer long at home.

Check out our list of available jumpers, and email us at: or text: ‪(650) 200-0206 for more info or to schedule an in-person viewing with our warehouse manager.  (Let us know if there are something else that you are very interested in, we are open to consider)

Toy Story Standard JumperToy Story Standard - $500 (Condition: good, retail: $4000, rental: $150 / day)

Mickey Deluxe JumperMickey Deluxe Jumper (with slide, climbing stairs, and basketball hoop) - $1200 (Condition: very good, retail: $4000, rental: $190/ day) SOLD

Large Obstacle ChallengeLarge obstacle course - $900 SOLD

Mickey Standard JumperMickey Standard Jumper$500 (Condition: good, retail: $4000, rental: $150/ day) SOLD


Castle Deluxe Jumper Castle Deluxe (with slide, climbing and basketball) - $950 SOLD

Frozen Deluxe JumperFrozen Deluxe (with slide, climbing and basketball) - $650 (Condition: good, retail: $4500, rental: $190/ day) SOLD

4-in-1 Deluxe JumperDeluxe (with slide, climbing and basketball) - $350 (Condition: fair, minor tear, retail: $3500, rental: $175/ day) SOLD



Q: Does it include "everything" in the price? 

A: Each jumper comes with a blower, and that's all you needed to operate.  You can upgrade to a new blower for an extra $50.  French fries and milk shakes are extra.   

Q: Can I keep it outside for a few days at a time?

A: Absolutely!  These are all commercial grade jumpers, and are built to withstand the elements.  We do recommend periodically cleaning it thoroughly, and storing long-term in a garage or shed.

Q: What happens when it rains?

A: Nothing, other than it gets wet and is heavier.  Always keep the blower and the electrical outlet out of the rain and dry. Let the jumper air dry completely before rolling it up for storage to prevent damage.  That's it!

Q: How do I store the jumper in between uses?

A: Wrap it up like a giant burrito.  All of these could be done fairly easily with two average sized adults.  With some practice, you can even set up/wrap it up by yourself.  They are about 5 foot tall and 3 feet wide when wrapped up.  You can store it in your garage or in the side yard (some covering will help prolong their good condition).

Q: Do you deliver?

A: Within a 30 minute radius, at a cost of $75.

Q: What can I do with it when I don't want it anymore?

A: Honestly, put it on Craigslist for $100, and it will be gone within the day. Or find another family to "adopt" it--they will be forever indebted to you!