Park Rentals 101

Your Planning Guide to Renting a Jumper for a Park!

Georgina the Giraffe loves bouncing around under the warm summer sun.  Who doesn't?! 

Below are the five key things you should consider before renting a jumper at a park location. And as always, remember that park rules/restrictions are always subject to change--it's your responsibility to check with the official park staff before your event!

  • 1. Rules and regulations / Insurance:
      • Let the governing City or County Parks & Recreation Department know that you want to rent an inflatable for your event.
      • Each city/county has different guidelines and restrictions. Some allow jumpers only at specific sites and/or charge additional permit fees
      • Most require Certificates of Insurance (COIs), and Jumpin' Giraffe's COI is already on file with most of our favorite parks.

  • 2. Power:
      • Some parks provide an electrical outlet, some do not.
      • You can rent a generator otherwise (note that the jumper alone requires about 80-95% of the power output, additional generators will be needed for ANY other gadgets to avoid a blown fuse).

  • 3. Timing:
      • Free Delivery option requires 2-3 hr windows for set up and pick up 
      • Most people compromise by adjusting the rental time. E.g., if you are expecting guests from 1-5pm, set the set up window to 11:30am to 1:30pm, and pick up from 4:30pm-6:30pm.
      • For liability reasons: A designated adult must be present at set up and at pick up.  We also cannot adjust pick up time on the day of.
      • Precise Timing Option available if your schedule is really tight that day. 

  • 4. Jumper sizing:
      • Most parks have very strict sizing requirements, but the majority are also realistic in understanding that it's like enforcing a speed limit of 65mph.
      • Standard and deluxe jumpers are typically ok, like driving 70mph - only once in hundreds of times where an uber-diligent ranger pulled out his measuring tape - but proceed at your own risk.  
      • Obstacles course and slides are tons of fun but will be pushing it (i.e. too big)
      • Other secret, park friendly ideas to keep the kids occupied for hours (and out of your hair)

  • 5. Unpredictable weather:
      • Wind - we will monitor the forecast for you, and bring extra sandbags to stabilize the jumpers, if needed
      • Rain - it doesn't hurt the jumper itself.  The occasional summer sprinkle around the Bay can also be dealt with with a quick wipe down (your own responsibility, of course)

  • Other helpful planning questions:
      • Resident discounts?
      • Special restrictions/requirements?
      • Opening/closing hours?
      • Grilling allowed?
      • Dogs allowed?
      • Vehicle/parking fees for your guests?