Rental & Use Rules


  1. You are responsible for any losses or damages inflicted on the unit or rental equipment while in your possession, and any resultant repair or replacement costs will be collected from you. To avoid any ill feelings or repercussions, please kindly follow all rules, leave equipment inflated and staked where it was originally set, and keep pets away.
  2. For safety, sort children by size. Only persons of about the same size should be allowed in the jumper together. Adults may sit inside the jumper, but please do not jump with the children.
  3. Do not operate the unit if the wind gusts exceed 20 mph.
  4. All participants must remove their shoes before entering the unit.
  5. Remember that the children's safety depends on you; please control over-exuberance and no rough-housing should be tolerated.
  6. Do not allow children to hang or swing on entrance/exit doorways.
  7. To avoid neck and back injuries, FLIPS ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  8. NO food, drinks or other foreign substances allowed. Please help us to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the unit for everyone.
  9. Adult supervision is required at all times and is necessary to assist children entering and exiting the unit. Supervisor should be positioned in close proximity to entrance of inflatable.
  10. Rules posted on the inflatable should be strictly enforced by the adult supervisor.
  11. The adult supervisor should assist participants in exiting in an orderly manner.
  12. NO SILLY STRING ALLOWED IN OR ON UNIT. The chemicals in silly string destroys the material of inflatables. If found in violation, a $1,000 fine will be strictly enforced.
  13. The rated capacity, as stated on the unit, should never be exceeded.