Staying Healthy While Having Fun

COVID-19:  We are committed to provide a fun and healthy environment for our customers, and will be providing an added sanitization session for each equipment in-between rentals.


As parents with children ourselves, we understand the importance of a clean and sanitary play environment. At the same time we also want to balance their long term health by limiting their exposure to harsh chemicals (have you ever noticed the increases in eczema and allergies in our kids' generation?). 

This is why we implement a routine three step cleaning process to ensure the cleanliness of our jumpers and equipment:

Step 1: Lounging in the sun

Who doesn't like to sit and take a nap outside under the warm glow of the sun?  Our jumpers do, without the dehydration and sunburn!  We lay our jumpers and slides out in the sun for 45 to 120 minutes outside our San Carlos warehouse to let them air out.  The ultraviolet waves are terrific in killing the majority of the bugs naturally without any chemical.  (This is why we ask you to keep the jumpers inflated even if you are done with it earlier than expected to extend that process.)  

Step 2: Elbow grease (deep cleaning)
Wouldn't it be nice if all of our toddlers' messes would go away when we leave everything in the sun?  After the airing out, our cleaning team goes to work by following a checklist of deep cleaning for each and every jumper, including vacuuming, washing down the outside, and sanitizing the play areas.  The chemical we use is Simple Green.  In our years of testing and researching, we found it to have the best balance in removing the dirty stuff, while still biodegradeable and friendly to little hands.  

Step 3: Spot cleaning
Have you ever cleaned your camping tent REALLY well, only to find leaves and sand appearing inside magically the next time you open it?  No cleaning is going to be 100% because there are so many crevices and the wind is always blowing while we clean.  This is why our Event Giraffes do a visual check and spot clean any area after we set up for you.

(Secret Step 4: Double cleaning routine)

Every once in a while -- maybe the flu season is coming up or you're about to leave on a 3 week vacation -- we just want to make double sure.  It might not be necessary, but it helps us to sleep better as parents. 

Add this option for a dedicated extra cleaning on location after we set up.  It includes an additional sanitizing of the common play area in addition to our routine cleaning at the warehouse.